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Where can I see the workload & time tables ?

Kindergarten/Elementary & Secondary workload/timetables

Comparing pay stubs with my friend in the staff room, I noticed that I am paying more union dues than he/she is. Is there a mistake?

Possibly, but the more likely explanation is that you earned more than she did.
LTU dues are set at 0.73 percent of earnings for everyone.

Why did I receive a 100% part-time contract…why not a full-time contract?

Part-time contracts can vary in percentage. If you have a 100% part-time contract, it means that you are replacing a teacher on leave, they terminate upon the return of the absent teacher or the last day of classes (not June 30th). The practice is that the replacing teacher is granted at least one or two additional days to complete end-of-year duties. On the other hand, contracts for real vacancies terminate on June 30th. Full-time contracts lead to tenure and are automatically renewable from year to year.

I am expecting a child shortly. I understand that the school board will pay my salary for up to 20 weeks. Do I still have to apply for employment insurance?

Absolutely and without delay. Otherwise, your cheques from the school board will be reduced.

As a part-time teacher, do I have the right to receive professional improvement funds if I take a credit course or attend a conference?

Even though only full-time teachers generate grants from the government for professional improvement,
part-time teachers share in these benefits in our local professional improvement system.

I am planning to be absent for personal reasons two days next month?
Will I lose salary?

If the reasons for your absence do not correspond to those in the Special Leave section of the local agreement (5-14.00), you may nevertheless take these days if you notify your principal 48 hours in advance and agree to reimburse the board for the cost of a substitute teacher. Since the cost of reimbursement is less than your daily salary, this is an important benefit. Note that there is an annual maximum of eight days of special leave.

I have a 60% workload – I do not come to school on Mondays and Fridays.
Will I lose all the holidays that fall on these two days?

Teachers are not paid for holidays as such. We are paid for 200 workdays. In your case, you will be paid for 120 workdays and you must actually make arrangements with your principal to work 120 days, including 12 of the 20 pedagogical days allotted.

If we get six sick days every year, and last year I used four days, why was only one day transferred to my cumulative bank according to my personal bulletin?

Of the six days, only five have monetary value. Unfortunately, when you are absent, the moneyable days are deducted first. You used four out of the five moneyable days, leaving only one to be transferred. Incidentally, the days that are accumulated in this bank are automatically paid to you at the daily salary rate in effect when you leave the employ of the school board.

Can I claim travel or meal expenses for meetings of the governing board to which I was elected?

No. But if you are serving as a union delegate or are appointed to a union committee, such expenses, as well as babysitting, will be reimbursed to you. Just fill out the appropriate form and submit it.

If we are paid for 200 days, why does my bi-weekly pay cheque indicate my salary for 7.6923 days rather than 10 days? 

The annual salary is divided equally into 26 installments throughout the calendar year. 200 divided by 26 = 7.6923 per pay.

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