Internet Security

While your child is surfing the web while at school, their browsing is being monitored and regulated by the award-winning Barracuda Web Filter.  However, when they are on the internet at home, we are unable to filter the content that they are browsing.

Thankfully, both local broadband companies provide information and tools to keep you and your family safe online.

Verizon Fios

If you are pretty tech savvy, you can set up access control on the router provided by Verizon Fios.  User manuals for all of the wireless routers that Verizon uses can be found at FiOS User Manuals.  Go to Section 6 - Access Control for detailed instructions.  However, for those not so technologically inclined, there is a simpler way.

Verizon also offers Verizon Family Protection, free parental control software that can help keep your family safe online. Offered as part of your Verizon Internet service, Family Protection gives you the tools to block access to certain websites, and lets you choose who can use the Internet and when.  For more information or to download, go to Verizon Family Protection (you must be logged into your Verizon Fios account to access this page.)

Comcast xFinity

Unfortunately, Comcast does not currently have any parental control software that works with our students' Chromebooks. However, there is a way to set up and adjust parental controls thru your wireless router's admin tool website. Go to Set Up Parental Controls for more information.

For other resources to keep you and your family safe on the internet, visit the National Cyber Security Alliance website at