Cool Stuff

Important Resources:

Prezi - Awesome Web Based Presentation Tool

Glogster  - Great Web Based Poster Generating  Tool

Wallwisher - An Online Notice Board Maker

Brainpop - Awesome videos / games about everything (username & password is on board)

Fun Games:
Cool Math Games:  Database of really fun games

Gamestar Mechanic:  Learn to design video games & play other games designed by other people (username: first name.last name & password: Student ID #)

Curveball (3D Pong):  It's 3D pong

Nat Geo for Kids: National Geographic for Kids Gaming Website 

Math is Fun!:  Its not misspelled, it a bunch of fun games related to math topics

Physics Games: Online Physics Based Games

Code Academy: is the easiest way to learn how to code (Computer Program). It's interactive, fun ,and you can do it with friends.

Google CS First: Interactively design, create and play in the following areas