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"First Horned Face"
Late Cretaceous Mongolia
80-75 million years ago
Introducing Protoceratops. Protoceratops was a famous rival of the Velociraptor and one of the smallest ceratopsians. Protoceratops was 6 feet long and weighed 600 pounds. They didn't have any horns, but they had a large frill to make it look bigger to protect itself against the predators of Velociraptor
In 1920, Roy Chapman Andrews and his team had collected Protoceratops eggs, but they didn't hatch yet, but they turned out to belong to Oviraptor. However, it was a photographer named J. B. Shackelford who discovered the first fossil of Protoceratops in the Gobi Desert of Mongolia. He was actually looking human ancestors in Mongolia.

In Popular Culture
Protoceratops was seen in Dinosaur Revolution, Dinosaur Train, Dinosaur Planet, Chased by Dinosaurs, Tar
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