Juroshek 7th Grade Science (still being updated for 2018-19 year!)

Mrs. Wendy Ammirata Co-teaches with Mrs. Veena Juroshek, Blocks 1 & 4

My goal is to make this website an easy place to access information about the course, policies, assignments, homework, etc.  The site is a work in progress and I appreciate your feedback on it! Please use this website as well as these resources to stay updated:

Best places to get information:

—Google Classroom – Most up to date!  Good for day to day class info, news, assignment details, due dates, copies, what’s coming up!
— classroom.google.com  - Find Science class

—Google Calendar – Easy 1-stop to check most of your student’s assignments on 1 screen!  Make sure your student is signed in, all desired teacher calendars are turned on.

—Back to School Night – Did you miss it?  No worries!  Here's last year's BTSN 2017 presentation... this is NOT updated for 2018

Of course, feel free to email us at vjuroshek@ltps.org or wammirata@ltps.org if you have any questions!