Awesome Turnout at the Science and Engineering Fair! (2012)

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In 2012, our STEM members were asked to volunteer at Lawrence Elementary School’s Science and Discovery Night on January 24th. This successful event produced a great turnout, and we were honored to have an opportunity to participate. Our volunteers led many of the science oriented tables and activities throughout the night. Some of the experime
nts included dealing with the conductivity of different objects, creating a cloud in a bottle, and using Slinkys and cans to demonstrate how sound waves work.

Other students worked with the LES Health Department and an actual animal heart to show the children how tobacco affects one’s health and the different parts of a heart. Our volunteers did a fantastic job working and conducting numerous science experiments with the young students!

In addition, our volunteers helped out LIS at their Science Fair. At this event, we did a few more similar experiments and demonstrations with the kids, along with a trivia game. Our volunteers also helped the American Chemistry Society conduct some of their own experiments. - Grace Townsend, Community Outreach Committee, Junior 

LHS STEM members have continued to volunteer at LES's Science and Discovery Night every year.

2014 Mercer Science and Engineering Fair Results


  • Honorable Mention: AyannJaikishen, Lawrence Intermediate

  • Honorable Mention: Arnav Aggarwal, Lawrence Intermediate

  • Honorable Mention: Aidan McChesney, Lawrence Intermediate

  • Meritorious Achievement: Riddhi Bharj, Lawrence Intermediate

  • Meritorious Achievement: Kaia Dyckman, Lawrence Intermediate


  • Broadcom Masters Award: Ethan Wild, Lawrence Middle

  • Broadcom Masters Award: Anusha Aggarwal, Lawrence Middle

  • Honorable Mention : Abhyan Jaikishen, Lawrence Middle

  • Outstanding Achievement : Anusha Aggarwal, Lawrence Middle

  • Outstanding Achievement : Ethan Wild, Lawrence Middle

  • Earle S. Rommel Communications Award: Teddy Masterson, Lawrence Middle

  • U.S Navy/Marine Corps Award: Anusha Aggarwal, Lawrence Middle


  • U.S Navy/Marine Corps Award : Pranav Sabanayagam, Lawrence High

  • U.S. Metric Association Special Award : Pranav Sabanayagam, Lawrence High

  • Second Place : James Gow, Lawrence High