Video Game Science Night (2012)

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Hosted by the STEM Academy, the Video Game Science Night took place on December 4th and 6th. In the various video game related rooms the kids learned lots of science while enjoying fun demonstrations and experiments. They had a whole lot of fun playing with cars in the Forza Motorsports and Mario Kart rooms, which included information to younger kids about friction, collisions, engines, force, and energy. They also helped Ash defeat Team Rocket in the Pokemon room while learning how magnets work through concepts like levitation and magnet tracks.

 One room used a hovering drone which many kids enjoyed. The Star Wars room, which contained many hands on experiments, looked really cool: it was dark and filled with neon lights. It actually felt like you were in space! Fruit Ninja turned many scientific laws and methods into games, including fruit bowling where a fruit would be used to knock down pins and tossing grapes into several targets. Angry Birds used real life slingshots with beanie balls to knock off stuffed animals where some kids made it to the high score. The Dance Dance Revolution room was a place for exercising, while Scramble with Kids set up a real life Scrabble game with the elements. It smelled delicious in the Candy Crush Saga room which showed how chocolate would run faster in milk than in butter. Over 300 kids and parents attending had a blast. One impressed parent said that she’ll keep coming every year until the day her daughter joins STEM herself and continues the beloved tradition.
-- Gaurav Ganthapodi, STEM Sophomore

                            The Fruit Ninja Room                                                                                                                         The Pokemon Room

Lawrenceville Patch

9:07 pm on Wednesday, November 28, 2012

We really need more activities like this!!! My kids really enjoyed it.   more ›