Women in STEM

This spring, Women in Engineering is a new program which Lawrence High School’s STEM Club is now offering. As a unit working together, a team of females will construct a project that involves engineering or science. The team will do research and work cooperatively to grasp a deeper understanding of engineering, math, and science. The purpose of this group is to break down the bastions of sexism and implement a universal understanding and acceptance of women as engineers. In the United States, only 14% of engineers are females. 

Women in Engineering will hopefully broaden that percentage and fully gain the interests of young ladies today who have been considering engineering, but have been vacillating between occupation choices because of this statistic. The high school students involved in Women in Engineering will not only reach out to each other, but perhaps to middle school students. This program will give the older students the opportunity to mentor and bond with the Lawrence Middle School students. It will give the younger girls insight and portend what LHS STEM is about before they enter the high school. As the Chair Woman of Women in Engineering, I will do my best to ensure that this experience is one which they will never forget. - Adelle Tagoe, STEM LHS W in E Co-Chair, Junior