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Virtual Learning Plans
Lessons for Week of 3/30 can be found on Google Classroom!

Below you will find fun activities that can be done at any time (the fun activities are optional/extra). Beyond this list, is a day to day list of activities that SHOULD be completed. For IXL, please be sure you are signed in, so that I get a record of your progress. You should aim for about 8-10 minutes per IXL skill daily. Additionally, I have added links to games that apply directly to units of study that can be found on the Daily Assignment Link. Finally, I will be sending out Scratch Your Brain Activities, and a few other worksheets on Google Classroom, if you want to try them. They are optional and meant to be fun! Do your best, and remember I am here via email and google classroom if you need me :) PLEASE READ PAST THE FUN ACTIVITIES LISTED TO THE DAILY LINKS THAT ARE LISTED!!!!

Fun Activities to check out as you like!

Kahoot Challenge #1

Kahoot Challenge #2

Kahoot Challenge #3

Create Your Own Kahoot about an area of study in math!

XtraMath-Aim to practice at least 2-3 times per week

Math Puzzles

Logic Puzzles 

Play Prodigy

Cool Math Videos-Check out a video, a few, or all of them, and learn some interesting information!



Why do honeybees love hexagons?

Daily Agenda for Math!

Day 1

Khan Academy Factors of a number Tutorial (if you need a refresher)

Factor Pairs


Day 2

Khan Academy Ratios Tutorial (if you need a refresher)

Ratio Word Problems

Ratio Tables

Ratio Stadium Game

Day 3

Khan Academy Decimals Tutorial (if you need a refresher)


Word Names for Decimal Numbers

Please use this chart to help you: 

Day 4

Khan Academy Tutorial (if you need a refresher)

Convert Percents/Decimals/Fractions

Find the Percent of a Number Khan Academy Tutorial

Finding Percents of Numbers

Day 5

Proportions-Remember to cross multiply. If they are equal, they form a proportion

Unit Rates Khan Academy Tutorial (if you need a refresher)

Unit Rates-Remember a unit rate is finding the rate for 1. Divide the top and bottom number.

Dice Activity

Day 6

Money Review

Add and Subtract Money Amounts

Day 7

Interpret Line Plots

Interpret Line Graphs

Day 8

Coordinate Plane Khan Academy Tutorial (if you need a refresher)

Graph Points in the Coordinate Plane

Coordinate Planes as Maps

Top Quark (Like the game Battleship)

Stock the Shelves Coordinate Graphing Game

Day 9

EdPuzzle Measures of Center

Calculate Mean, Median, Mode and Range

Mean-add the numbers and divide by the amount of numbers

Median-number in the middle. Order from least to greatest

Mode- The number that is there the most

Range-Subtract the biggest and smallest number

Outliers-The number that is “Way Out There” (way bigger, or way smaller than the set)

Measures of Center Jeopardy

Day 10


Khan Academy Absolute Value Tutorial (if you need a refresher)

Absolute Value

Absolute Value Millionaire

Day 11

Khan Academy Multiply Fractions Tutorial (if you need a refresher)

Multiply Fractions and Whole Numbers

Multiply 2 Fractions

Multiply Fractions Soccer Shoot Out

Day 12

Multiply Mixed Numbers and Fractions

Divide Fractions Khan Academy Tutorial (if you need a refresher)

Divide Whole Numbers and Fractions- Remember to Keep Change Flip

Divide Fractions Soccer Shoot Out

Divide Fractions Basketball

Day 13

Convert Fractions to Decimals

Convert Decimals to Fractions

Shopping with Percents

Day 14

Add and Subtract Decimal Numbers

Add and Subtract Decimals Word Problems

Place Value Games