Health Occupations (CNA)

Instructor:  Christina Fink


Phone Extension:  1240

Aim of Course: To complete the necessary 120 hours of instruction and lab, prepare the student to pass the state Certified Nurses’ Aide exam and become CNA certified.  This is a beginning level certification for students interested in becoming a health care professional.

Course DescriptionThis course includes classroom, laboratory, and clinical experiences.  Basic nursing assistant skills are presented and performed in nursing homes and hospital healthcare professions are also provided for the students enrolled in this course.  Students may receive articulation credit at Heartland Community College or Lincoln Land Community College.  Students will be required to purchase a uniform and clinical supplies for this class.

College Credit Opportunities:  Students will have the opportunity to earn 8 hours of college credit through Heartland Community College.

Fees: $80 plus cost of uniform and clinical supplies.

Length of Course:  This is a full year class.

Special Requirements:  

  1. Students must not miss no more than 10 days of class.  There are no excused absences per Illinois Department of Health Requirements.

  2. Students must maintain an 82% in the class at Mid-Term and on the Final in order to be allowed to take the CNA certification test.

Typical Annual Salary (Springfield Area)$52,800 - $77,300

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Health Occupations