Fire Science

Instructor:  Jay Akers


Phone Ext:  1261


Aim of Course:  To allow students to explore and prepare for a career in Fire Service and as Emergency Medical Responder.  After successful completion of the class, students will be prepared to complete relevant state exams in this area.


Course Description:  Students will learn about and will practice skills involving fire behavior, safety, self-contained breathing apparatus, turnout gear use, portable fire extinguishers, ladders and ladders use, fire hose and appliances, building construction, forcible entry, ventilation, water supply, nozzles and fire streams, rescue, fire control, and ropes and knots.   This is a hand-on class so students will be expected to participate in all aspects of the training.  Students need to be able to climb stairs, and carry heavy equipment and supplies.


Length of Class:  This is a full year class.

Typical Annual Salary (Springfield Area):  $36,200 - $61,400