Automotive Technology

Instructor:  Jon Graber


Phone Extension: 1262

Aim of Course:  To introduce students to the extremely complex and ever-changing automotive repair industry and prepare them for further technical education or possible entry level positions in the automotive and light truck repair fields.  Students are taught that they must become lifelong learners and remain current with technology in order to pursue a career in the auto repair industry.

Course Description:  Automotive Technology is a 2-year (4-semester) course with an annually revolving curriculum.  Automotive Technology I & II students share the same classroom and share the same curriculum.  For full benefit, the student must take the course for the full two years.  Students will be taught how to disassemble, inspect, diagnose and repair or replace automotive systems, components, and assemblies.  Students are taught how to study and understand the construction and operation the different automotive systems, components and assemblies so they can continue to update their skills.

Fees:  Students are responsible for parts for personal work.

Length of Class:  Full year, can be taken for two years.

Typical Annual Salary (Springfield, IL Area):  $27,400 - $49,500 

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Areas that are explored in the Curriculum of this Program:

Automotive Industry Careers and Happenings

Automotive Safety Practices

Automotive Tools and Equipment

Brake Systems including Hydraulic Systems, Drum Brakes, Disc Brakes, Power Brake Boosters, Parking Brakes, and Anti-lock Brakes

Electrical and Electronic Systems including Electrical System Operations, Batteries, Starting System, Charging System, Lighting Systems

Accessory and Safety Systems.

Engine Performance including Piston Engine Operation

Diagnosing Engine Problems

Sensors and Actuators

Air Induction Systems

Fuel Systems

Ignition Systems

Computer Diagnostics OBD-I & OBD II

Emission Control Systems

Suspension and Steering including Diagnosing & Repairing Steering Systems, 

Diagnosing and Repairing Suspension Systems

Wheel Alignment

Tires and Wheels.