Advanced Metals

Instructor: Jay Akers
Phone Extension:  1261

Aim of Course:
 To build skills and knowledge in the areas of welding and machining for the purpose of gaining employment in a related career.

Course Description:  This course involves one semester of welding and one semester of machining.  In welding, students will learn safe operation for electric arc welding, oxy-fuel welding, flame cutting, metal shearing, band sawing, and stationary and portable grinding equipment.  In machining, students will learn the safe operation of precision equipment including the machine lathe, vertical and horizontal milling machines, surface grinding, tap and die, and metal finishing.

Fees:  Students will be required to pay project fees in this course. (Vary by project)

College Credit Opportunities:  Students will have the opportunity to earn 6 hours of college credit through Heartland Community College.

Length of Class:  Full year, can be taken for two years.

Typical Annual Salary (Peoria, IL Area)$30,000 - $43,000