Google Mail - GMail

Google Apps's Google Mail for LTC is the new email system for the Louisiana Technical College.  Louisiana Technical College GMail provides a very reliable and secure way to send and receive email. Emails can be exchanged through a web browser (Internet Explorer, Firexox, Chrome), desktop software (Microsoft Outlook), and smartphone(s) (Blackberry, iPhone, gPhone, etc.)

Benefits Include:
  • Retention of “” domain name for current & future accounts
  • 7.3 GigaBytes of email storage (and growing) with spam and virus protection (This is approximately 3x what we currently enjoy on average)
  • File attachments up to 20 MegaBytes (This is approximately 4x what we enjoyed previously).
  • Virtually always functioning with a 99.9% Uptime
  • Free to all LTC users with no advertising for students, administrators, faculty and staff
  • It’s easier to manage with no hardware or software to maintain (Administration will mostly be for account setup and maintenance)

Click here to see a brief video on Google Mail for Louisiana Technical College

YouTube Video - GMail - 3 Mins 31 Secs

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