PA Wolf Tracks

The Wolf Track is based on the belief that you will be more motivated to learn, will achieve more in school, and will feel a stronger sense of ownership over your education if you decide what you want to learn, how you are going to demonstrate your learning, and why you need to learn it . to achieve your personal, educational, career, and life goals

The Wolf Track is a window into your educational journey. It represents who you are, your interests, and where you are going in life. It represents your path or Wolf Track through education, ultimately bringing greater coherence, focus, and purpose to the decisions you make about your education. It is a tool to help you plan for your future and showcase evidence of your learning. Ultimately the Wolf Track will be a celebration of your high school career.

Throughout high school, you will build, reflect and revise your Wolf Track as your aspirations, interests and hopes grow and shift.  The Wolf Track will be constructed in collaboration with your Teacher Advisor (TA), school counselor, parents/guardians, in the classroom and independently. You will track your proficiency in the Wolf Track which will ultimately be your evidence for graduation.