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   The Wise Shephard can help with many of life's problems.  Parents - click here to visit the Vermont PARENTUP web site
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What is a Student Assistant Counselor?

The Student Assistance Professional (SAP)  (here at Peoples Academy) is a  confidential person (Licensed Counselor) who can provide assistance to students who are feeling lonely, angry, nervous, and may be experiencing difficulty coping with the school, friends, and/or home environment. As a result of the above you may not be enjoying school, developing friends or having a positive experience in school. The SAP wants to help you enjoy the school experience and most importantly graduate. The Student Assistance Program provides an opportunity for positive, effective alternatives to potential or current student problems.

How do you know that you might benefit from a S.A.P.?

  • Do you have questions you want answered without being judged? Do you have topics you want to discuss but can’t seem to talk to you parents? Do you want all discussion to remain between you and the SAP person? Are you experiencing feelings that you don’t know how to deal with? Do you have a friend who needs help and you want to get help for them? Do you have questions about relationships?
  • I want some information on drinking or using other things but don’t want to ask people I know.

How can a S.A.P. help you? Student Assistance Professionals have experience working with many young people. All services are free to students. He/She can offer these services to you:

  • Confidential meetings (required by law). A helping hand to get through a short term concern. Ongoing help to get through a more long term problem. Groups with other people that may have similar concerns. Advocate for your school needs. Family help and/or suggestionsInformation on addiction issues. How to handle a problem with your friends
  • How to handle problems with your parents

These services are free and are voluntary on your part. If interested see the Student Assistant Counselor. .  Thanks for your consideration.



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