My School Bucks
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What is MySchool Bucks
To get started, you will first enroll at You will be asked for your state and then the school district which is: Lamoille South Supervisory Union. Then you will enter your contact information and create a log-in name and password which will be used each time you log in. You will also need to set up the student account using your student(s)’ school ID# or date of birth. This ID# can be found on your food service account statements or you can email to have sent to you. Please note that a valid email address is required and that mySchoolBucks stores any necessary personal information in a secure, offline database which is accessed only to process payments and send payment confirmations via email. 

Thank you for using this system to pay for student meals. Our program can best provide healthy meals to students when student accounts are prepaid. Extending credit to students for meals is very difficult, so the debit system works much better. We appreciate your understanding and your efforts to help our program work well for all of us.
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