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Project Suggestions

Project suggestions:   Many examples exist of TAP activities at other universities, accessible by searching on the term “assessment mini grant”  For example, the University of Northern Iowa has compiled a list of possible topics:  http://www.uni.edu/assessment/possibleprojects.shtml    Schools and colleges are encouraged to use these examples, along with their own program assessment data (or lack thereof) to design a project to collect data needed to answer a specific question, secure training or resources needed to measure a specific outcome, or to study potential approaches to assessment which would not have otherwise been examined.  The TAP mini-grants are not designed to supplement or provide funding for ongoing, established assessment strategies.  Descriptions of the uses of mini-grant funding will be included in the grant application and in the final report for the grant project. 

Possible activities (subject to LSSU policies and procedures):

·         Costs for printing and mailing of assessment instruments
·         Purchase of assessment texts
·         Purchase of instruments or software for assessment of student learning
·         Incentives for students or other participants (e.g., employers, alumni) to complete or participate in assessment activities
·         Costs for data input or analysis
·         Wages for student workers or temporary staff to assist with assessment projects/activities
·         Costs for travel to another campus in order to consult with colleagues about assessment procedures or strategies they have used and which you are considering
·         Honoraria for on-campus visits by colleagues or others who could add information and expertise for school/college assessment planning processes  
·         Expenses related to administration of certification or professional exams that provide feedback on curricular strengths and weaknesses

·         Focus group expenses (except food or other food-related expenses)

·         Survey expenses
·         Honoraria and travel for external reviewers of student work products (portfolios, projects, exhibits, performances, etc.)
·         Software applications and/or licenses
·         Support for student assistants directly involved in assessment-related activities
·         Equipment related directly to assessment activities
·         Faculty/staff travel expenses to professional conferences with an assessment track and/or to present on some aspect of the assessment program in their unit.
·         Funding for retreats for school/college strategic planning and goal-setting