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Final Report guidelines

Final Report:  A final project report with final expenses will be required for all funded TAP mini-grants.  The final project reports are due to the Associate Provost by the 2nd Friday of December, the final reports will be posted to the university web site.  The final expense report is can be completed upon finalization of all accounts, but no later than the end of the fiscal year in which the award is made.   Reimbursement to the academic school/college accounts will occur after receipt of the final expense reports.


TAP recipients will be expected to share the results of their project in a public forum on campus, particularly one open to the University community as a whole, e.g., at  a brown-bag luncheon, workshop or a panel or poster presentation sponsored by the Office of the Associate Provost or other office/school.  TAP recipients are encouraged to consider sharing their project in a conference presentation or a journal article and to provide a copy of their presentation, article or other documentation to the Office of the Associate Provost.   TAP presentations will occur in spring following the submission of the final project report.  

The project leader will take the responsibility for submitting final reports.  Due dates are listed in the timeline.  The final report is submitted to the chair of the assessment committee as an e-mail attachment.  The filename should match the filename of the application plus include the word final: e.g. TAP_F12_Biology_Garvon_Final.doc.   The final report will serve to:

 •Provide evidence of the value of the TAP mini-grant program in encouraging the development of assessment-related activities on campus

•Offer a means of sharing accomplishments from the grant-funded projects with faculty and staff across campus

•Encourage future applications to the TAP mini-grant program.

 The final project report should include the following:

 cover page that includes the following:


Project title

School/College(s)/program(s) included in the project

Name, title, School, and e-mail address of the project leader

Names, titles, and Schools of other members of the project group

Project dates   

 A narrative 2- 4 pages that includes the following information: 


Project Description: 

Provide information on the problem/need the project addressed and the activities it involved. 



Possible topics for this section:  What were the outcomes of the project—e.g., in terms of products, processes, policies, changes, etc.?  What strategies added to the success of the project?   What did you learn from doing the project? What challenges/obstacles did the project group encounter and how were they addressed? (Or how would you address them if you were to do the project again?)


Use of Results

Discuss how the results of the project were/will be shared outside of the group and how the project has affected or will affect student learning, and/or program quality, and/or school/college/program assessment activities

 Final project reports are due no later than the 2nd Friday in December, although project leaders are encouraged to complete reports within 30 days of completion of the project.  The final project report will be posted on the web page for the Assessment Committee.

 The final expense report is separate from the final project report.  Use the budget page of the application form, inserting final expenses and total amount spent.  Final expense reports are due when expenditures are complete but no later than the end of the fiscal year for which funding was provided.