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Evaluation Rubric

Funding Criteria




Well-developed plan, clearly and thoughtfully presented, capable of immediate and successful implementation.



Details and justifications/explanations are sufficient to show direction and potential for productive action, capable of being implemented with a minimum of fine-tuning or additional planning.


Needs Work:

Missing some information, justifications/explanations not clearly presented or inadequate, implementation would require further clarification or development before action could be taken.

Relationship of project to specific school/college assessment plans/needs





Potential to support development with respect to student learning, program quality, and/or school/college/program assessment planning




Clarity of purpose and intended outcomes




Feasibility and specificity of the plan of action and related timelines




Adequacy and defensibility of the budget related to project goals




Articulation of a clearly defined strategy for disseminating and using project outcomes




Sustainability, Transferability, and  scalability of the project to other schools/colleges