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Eligibility & Funding

Eligibility:   The project leader for each TAP must be a full-time faculty member or academic dean at LSSU, however other project participants may include faculty, staff, students and administrators as appropriate.  Although proposals may be submitted by an individual faculty member or academic dean, preference in awarding funding will be given to projects from school, college or program-area assessment committees or other collaborative groups. 

TAP mini-grant funding:  Upon approval of the TAP, the project leader will be notified of the mini-grant award.  Expenses will initially be drawn from the home school or college of the project leader, with reimbursement at the end of the project.  The project leader will be responsible for keeping expenses within the budget outlined with the grant application and making sure there are appropriate records and documentation of expenditures.   TAP funds may be augmented by other funding sources for projects, e.g. school CSSM, or external grants.  Working with their school chair, the project leader will make expenditures in compliance with normal university policy and procedures charged against the school’s or college’s CSSM account, or adjunct/overload account as reflected on the proposal budget.  Once grant funds are encumbered or expended the project leader will submit the final budget report to the Associate Provost for reimbursement to the school accounts, after filing of the final project report.   The final budget report will consist of the budget page from the application form, with final expenses entered and final totals indicated.  Submit this report as an email attachment to the chair of the assessment committee (dmyton@lssu.edu).