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Directions for TAP application

Applications:    TAP Applications are typically due by the 2nd Friday in October with award notifications by the 2nd Friday in November.  [During 2011-2012 the application deadlines will be the 2nd Friday in January, with notifications by the 1st Friday in February.]  Faculty submitting an application for TAP mini-grant funding will complete a TAP Application which provides a format for reviewing the grant objectives, assessment plan, and anticipated outcomes.  The application is posted to the Assessment Committee webpage.  A budget form is included in the application, and the entire application is submitted as an email attachment to the chair of the assessment committee (dmyton@lssu.edu).  The school chair, and dean, for the faculty members’ school/college must submit an acknowledgement of the proposed project by email to the chair of the assessment committee. If the total amount of grant funding available for the academic year is not awarded for projects proposed during the fall semester, a second round of applications may be accepted on a rolling basis. Announcements of grant awards for the first round of applications and the availability of funding for the second round will be distributed by the notification date listed on the TAP Timeline.  Descriptions of projects receiving grant funding will be posted on the web page of the Assessment Committee.

Download the application below.  The .PDF file has form fields to complete, and when done you may save the file to your local drive.  Within the form select SUBMIT to create a file that you can attach to an email which will be imported into the project database.

Directions for the TAP Application: 

1)       Download the TAP Application to your local computer from the assessment committee website: https://sites.google.com/a/lssu.edu/sg-assessment-committee/ (e.g. TAP-app2011_distributed.pdf)

a.        Complete the electronic form by filling in the blued form-fields.

b.       SUBMIT the form (upper right edge of the purple tool bar) entering your email and name, then, click SEND.  Next, select “Internet Email” and OK.  Select a location to save a copy of the application and name the file (e.g. TAP_F12_Biology_Garvon.doc) and click SAVE. 

c.        Attach the application to an email addressed to the chair of the assessment committee (dmyton@lssu.edu) with the subject line: “TAP Application”

2)       Share your mini-grant proposal (you can email them the saved copy from step b.) with the appropriate School Chair(s) and College Dean(s) and ask them each to e-mail the chair of the assessment committee (dmyton@lssu.edu) acknowledging their review of the proposed mini-grant funded project, with any comments regarding the proposal.  Applications will not be considered complete without these letters of acknowledgement.

a.        For example: “I am familiar with the proposed project entitled [name of project] and led by [name of project leader] and acknowledge its submission for funding from the Assessment Committee TAP Mini-Grant Program.”  [Additional comments related to your review of the project’s merits are also invited.] Please provide your Name & Title 

3)       Request email statements of support from any other areas affected by the project (e.g. if your project will require data generated from institutional research, include a letter from institutional research stating that they can, and are willing to, provide data for the project). 


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