Targeted Assessment Projects (TAP)

A mini-grant program focused on advancing assessment activities at the school or college level. 

Overview: LSSU has defined academic assessment as an ongoing, open, evaluative process focused on improving student learning.  It requires us to make learning expectations clear to students and to establish appropriate learning outcomes at the course, program and university levels.  It helps determine how well student performance matches the expected outcomes.  The resulting information is used to inform changes in courses and programs for the improvement of student learning.  The TAP program was created to provide support to a broad range of assessment-related activities.

 [Special appreciation to the University of Northern Iowa (UNI) Office of Academic Assessment (OAA) for generosity in sharing resources related to this program.]


Relationship to Strategic Planning:   Assessment is integrally related to the university’s mission and strategic plan.  For example, “LSSU will define assessment and engage in meaningful, institutionalized assessment activities,” Goal 6.1.


The purposes of the TAP mini-grant program are:

 •to enhance the culture of assessment on campus by encouraging conversation, collaboration, research and scholarship that focus on student learning;

•to support and encourage faculty involvement in the assessment of student learning and the application of assessment results for continuing improvement of programs and curricula; and

•to strengthen policies and procedures for assessment of student learning at LSSU.


Funding and Duration:  Projects of up to $1000, actual award based on projected scope of activity and potential  impact, will be funded during each academic year.   Applicants are encouraged to view the mini-grants as a means to initiate sustainable activities which can, by the end of the grant period, become incorporated into the school/college regular assessment activities and funding cycle.   See “Use of Mini-Grant Funds” for additional information.  A final accounting of the budget is required as part of the final report.  The TAP mini-grant funding cycle will typically have requests for proposals issued in the fall of year 1, awards and activities to begin in the following spring (year 1), summer, and the subsequent fall (year 2).  TAP final reports are due by the end of the fall in year 2, and TAP presentations to the campus community in the spring of year 2.  TAP applications are expected to be funded on an annual basis..