My research interests lie in discovering the environmental mechanisms responsible for the fate and transport of contaminants of emerging concern (CECs), including pharmaceuticals, personal care products, hormones, endocrine disrupting compounds, and illicit drugs. These types of compounds have been indicated in a variety of biological outcomes in systems receiving large or continuous inputs of CECs. Understanding the mechanisms of the transformation and removal of CECs in natural systems will allow informed decision-making regarding inputs of CECs to natural systems.

Past projects in my lab include:
  • Identification of reactive oxygen species produced during photolysis of isoflavones
  • Participation in RiverPACE (opens in new window), a national assessment of pharmaceutical pollution in rivers.
  • Study of environmental removal pathways for CECs detected locally (albuterol, venlafaxine, and desvenlafaxine) during the RiverPACE project.
  • Study of water chemistry in McNearney Lake, a very acidic seepage lake near Sault Sainte Marie. 
  • Study of snowmelt in Ashmun Creek
  • Analysis of legacy contaminants in organic-rich, sawmill-contaminated lacustrine sediments
  • Development of a passive sampling method for morphine in the aquatic environment