Welcome to the Sunset Valley Counseling Site!

As your school counselor, I am excited to have the opportunity to help your child have a successful experience at school. My goal is to assist students in learning the skills and attitudes necessary to be successful learners and productive citizens. Through individual consultation, small groups and monthly classroom guidance lessons we will emphasize communication, decision-making, interpersonal and career awareness skills.

The Lee’s Summit Guidance Classroom Curriculum includes lessons on learning skills - to learn strategies to be a successful and productive student; personal or body safety - to learn simple, straight forward strategies to protect themselves from abusive situations; bully awareness - how to identify and deal with bully behaviors; conflict resolution - learn problem solving methods;friendship skills - learn ways to make and maintain friendships; and career awareness - introducing children to a variety of career options.

Occasionally, I will meet with students or offer opportunities to participate in small groups, covering a variety of topics. I will also be available to meet individually with your child on expressed concerns. Typically, individual school counseling is short-term with a problem solving focus. If you have any questions regarding counseling at Sunset Valley, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to another wonderful year working with your student/s and family.

Jodi Mahurin