Welcome to Summit Lakes Middle School's yearbook community.  Please join us in making memories, having fun, and celebrating the present while preserving the past.  

Yearbook Club will meet on Friday mornings from 6:45-7:15 in room 834.
Students wanting to be in yearbook need to fill out an application and submit it by Monday Sept. 14th.  The Yearbook Club will be composed of students from each team that represent numerous activities.

Applications will be reviewed and selected members will be notified by 
Monday, September 21.

The first Yearbook Club meeting will be held Friday, September 25.

Yearbook Applications are currently available through your ELA teacher or the application link above.

SLMS Yearbook

Faculty Co-Sponsors: 
Tamara Davidson (tamara. davidson@lsr7.net)
Ibby Griffin (elizabeth.griffin@lsr7.net)