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I recommend you check out any extra educational resources associated with technology in order to help students learn given their own pace, their personal needs, and their willingness to ENJOY the French class....

Mr. Sam

Modern Language Teacher / French

Lee's Summit R-7 Schools / Learning for Life

The Pledge in French

Mr. Sam wishing you a Great and Successful School Year 2017-2018...
M. Sam vous souhaitant une Excellente Année Scolaire 2017-2018 
pleine de Succès...
Make your Big Educational Dreams happen!
Que vos Grands Rêves Educationnels deviennent réalités!

Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling

     Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling is 

the master key. Learning French is more than learning the
language. It is about going above and beyond the culture, 

the language, and its meaningful context or its contextual

 meaning to make the learning relevant, efficient, fun and

 enjoyable. "Salut" may mean "Hi" or "Bye". 

Teaching French with TPRS is "chouette" and awesome!

Some typical activities are:

  • Storytelling.
  •  The teacher starts with the outline of a story and asks the class large numbers of questions that a) ensure that the class understands the language and b) add personalized, interesting, and comprehensible details to the story.
  • Reading.
  •  Classes read stories created in class, stories created by other classes, summaries and stories written by the teacher, stories written by individual students, ads and articles from magazines/newspapers, children’s books and short novels written for TPRS classrooms.
  • Story Writing.
  • Students write retells and original stories from outlines, templates, songs or partially-written stories.  This may be a class, group, pair or individual activity.
  • Video Viewing. 
  • Classes watch several video clips, that give an opportunity for providing storytelling and repetition of aural input. These videos can be culturally based or relevant to the students or goals of the program.


Parler, c'est essentiel et écrire,
c'est important.

Ecrire, c'est important et lire, c'est recommandé.
Pour pouvoir écrire, il faut lire.
Chers Élèves
Pouvoir lire,  parler , écouter et écrire est la finalité 
de  l'apprentissage de toute langue 
avec  joie.

How to practice foods, drinks, and places in town in French?
 Please check out the following videos

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

Rappelez-vous: "Ici, on parle français."
Just for fun, please, check this out

Unit 1: Greetings & meetings: our Learning Targets are :

  • I can give and follow basic commands
  • I can introduce people, greet and say good-bye to people
  • I can describe, compare and contrast French and American cultural greetings
  • I can explain the formal and familiar social registers
  • I can use basic expressions of courtesy
  • I can identify and describe body parts and classroom objects
  • I can identify, describe people, recognize cognate
  • I can count to 60 and give someone’s age
  • I can discuss France’s multicultural society and the Francophone world

Unit 2: Schools & School subjects : our Learning Targets are :
  • I can talk about your school subjects
  • I can talk about your likes and dislikes       
  • I can compare and contrast French and American schools
  • I can say what you do at particular times in the day
  • I can ask questions and come up with questions accordingly
  • I and say what doesn’t happen
  • I can talk about le bac and higher education in the Francophone world
  • I can say what people have and don’t have
  • I can use text formats to predict content
Unit 3: Family & Friends: our Learning Targets are :
I can
describe family members and pets, and friends
- I can tell about French families
- I can tell people's age and professions
- I can say where things are located using French descriptive prepositions
- I can explain the French concept of Friendship and family relationship.
- I can tell about Paris
 Unit 4 -Foods & Drinks: our Learning Targets are :              
- I can order food in a French cafe
- I can talk about French cafe an some French foods
- I can tell what someone is going to do do in the near future
- I can ask and answer questions about foods, plans, family, etc.
- I can tell the prices of things
- I can tell about French mealtime customs
- I can tell about the Euro as currency

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