Counselor Groups

Small Group Information and Permission

 Dear Parents or Guardians,

 The Prairie View School Counseling Department will be offering students opportunities to participate in small groups covering a variety of topics.  Examples of topics are listed below. 

 1.   Managing Feelings, Stress, and Anxiety — for students who want to learn to manage their feelings, express emotions appropriately, and handle life's ups and downs.

 2.      Changing Families — for students affected by changes in their family, including separation, divorce, and remarriage.

 3.      Friendship Skills – for students to develop better relational skills with others.

 4.      P.R.I.D.E. – a group for children affected by others’ alcohol and/or drug abuse.

 5.      Grief and Loss Groups — for children recently affected by the death of a loved one.

 The overall goals of each group include helping children learn strategies to cope with life’s challenges.  Once established, the groups would run for a limited number of weeks (6 – 8). Groups may be held during recess or regular class time, once a week, for approximately 30 minutes per meeting.

Groups typically begin in early winter and run through spring. You will be contacted when the dates and times of your child’s group have been scheduled.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact Carl Crabtree, Andria Duello, or Lisa Hayden, school counselors.  (986-2280)

Your written permission is necessary for your child to participate in a group.

Please return permission slips by Oct. 30th.

My child’s name: _________________________________________________________ 

My child’s teacher: __________________________________________________________

Participate in the ___________________________________________________ group. 

Date ___________________

 ________________________________________________ Parent’s Signature 

Please return this slip to a Prairie View Counselor.