Welcome to Kindergarten!!!
My friend and neighbor Lauri and me on our first day of kindergarten.  Who knew that some 20+ years later we would both be teaching!




I am so excited to begin  year number 12 in the Lee's Summit School District.  This will be my 8th year teaching kindergarten!  I have also taught for 12 years in Hickman Mills and three years as a consultant for Macmillan McGraw-Hill. 

I love, love, love teaching kindergarten!  It is such an exciting time in your child's life!  Enjoy this time, it will be over before you know it.  I am so lucky to have a front row seat to their development.  It  is a fascinating and mesmerizing place to be each day!  I can't think of anything else I would rather do.  You will be amazed at how your child grows this year and I love that I get to experience it along with you.

I have two rescued boys named Calvin and Hobbes.  They keep me entertained with their shenanigans!   Their personalities are much like their namesakes.  Calvin is my instigator and Hobbes can usually claim innocence, although he is a proud hunter and brings me  things that I'm 
not so crazy about.  

This is my kindergarten school picture!  I loved kindergarten (and still do)!  I love getting brand new supplies every year, very few things are better than new crayons and pencils!  This was the year that I decided I wanted to be a teacher!