Pleasant Lea Middle School FACS

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Mrs Nelson's Fall Schedule 2015

Hour 1 Personal Skills

Hour 2  Plan

Hour 3  Living Skills

Hour 4  Personal Skills

Hour 5  Personal Skills

Hour 6 Personal Skills

Hour 7  Living Skills

Spring Schedule 2016

Hour 1 Personal Skills

Hour 2  Plan

Hour 3  Personal Skills

Hour 4  Living Skills

Hour 5  Living Skills

Hour 6 Living Skills

Hour 7  Personal Skills

Personal Skills

Personal Skills is a semester course offered to eight grade students that provides learning experiences in the following: Clothing Care and Construction, Housing and Interior Design, Understanding Yourself, Goals and Decision Making, Personal Finance, and Preparing for Work.

Class activities include sewing projects, room design, stress management activities, and decision strategies.  A list of needed sewing supplies will be given to the students.  The school will provide sewing machines and basic equipment, the students shall provide there own fabric.

Living Skills

Living Skills is a semester course exploring the following topics: nutrition and food preparation, health and wellness, child development, communication skills, character development, and family relationships.  Class projects include oral/written/research assignments by utilizing technology, meal planning and foods lab opportunities.  

Grading Policy

 I grade on total points.  So test, daily assignments, and projects will all be grouped together.  I do except late work for half credit.  Large projects over 50 points I will just take 25% off.