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Welcome Second Grade!!


  Don't Forget!!!

  • Mark your calendar: December 16th is Chipotle Night!!

Contact Information: laura.heath@lsr7.net , kristen.wimberly@lsr7.net , valerie.shirley@lsr7.net

Please feel free to contact us at any time should you have questions, concerns, or would just like to share. The best and quickest way for us to get your message is through email. Our email addresses are listed above.

  Regreso A La Escuela, Autobús,
Important Dates to Remember




Mrs. Shirley

Ms. Wimberly

Mon. Dec. 9

Day 3 

(Wear Green)




Tues. Dec. 10

Day 1

(Wear Sweats)


Wed. Dec. 11

Day 2

Thurs. Dec. 12

Day 3


Fri. Dec. 13

Day 1

Specials Rotations-
Heath: Day 1-Music  Day 2-P.E.  Day 3-Art
Shirley: Day 1-PE  Day 2-Art  Day 3-Music
Wimberly: Day 1-Art  Day 2-Music  Day 3-P.E.