This template was created for teachers at LSW, but can easily be modified for any classroom.   If you'd like to use this template, simply click > Use this Template to save to your Google Sites account and begin editing.  If you need any assistance, contact any ITS or ITS Help.  

Please review these LSR7 Web Page Guidelines below.  When done, delete this text and begin editing.

Subject Matter

·         All subject matter on web pages should relate only to curriculum, instruction, and school-authorized activities at both building and/or district levels

·         Neither staff nor students may publish (utilize district web servers) personal pages for other individuals or organizations not directly affiliated with LSR7

·         Neither students nor staff may use LSR7 web pages to promote outside businesses

·         Web pages may not contain objectionable material or point directly to objectionable material

·         No personal student information can be posted, with the exception of student work and/or name if permission has been granted


Required Information - Staff Authored Web Pages

·         Building name (included in template header)

·         Teacher name and topic

·         Teacher voice mail number

·         Teacher email

·         A link back to the home/school page (included in template)

·         External link disclaimer on all pages that link to outside sources (included in template footer)

·         Copyright Notice on all pages (included in template footer)

·         Link to the LSR7 website http://www.lsr7.org/ (included in template footer)

·         Follow web guidelines for posting student pictures or work (see below or student handbook)

·         Material should be kept up-to-date

·         Avoid dead links or links under construction

·         Credit for sources must be followed

·         Sport, activity, or team pages should be separate web pages from classroom pages

External Links

·         External links should be district, school, or curriculum related.

·         All pages with links pointing to web sites that reside and are maintained on outside servers must include a written disclaimer alerting users that the link points to an outside source.

·         The following disclaimer must be used (included in template footer):

This page contains links to outside sources. The Lee's Summit R-7 School District is not responsible for any content housed/published on those sites.  If you require assistance navigating or accessing this website, please contact the webmaster at (816) 986-XXXX.  Place the main phone number for your school in the phone number location.


Copyright of Student/Staff Work

All pages must contain copyright information.  One of the following two sample statements must be used:


Copyright Notice:  No portion of this page may be copied without permission of the web page author. Contact ___________________ (include email address, as well as, name and school phone number)


Copyright Notice: This material may be freely copied.


ALL student work posted on the Internet must be accompanied by the following statement:


Copyright Notice: This student work is copyrighted and permission will not be granted for use.


Permission Form (Release Form) for Posting Student Work and Pictures

Before posting students' information, name, individual picture, or work (video or audio files, art or written work) to any web page a permission slip must be obtained from his/her parent/guardian. Please use the Elementary Parent/Guardian Permission Form and Secondary Parent/Guardian's Permission Form to obtain parent/guardian permission.


Credit for Sources

Web developers should be prepared to show documentation* that materials posted on their web pages are copyright free or permission to use other’s materials on their web page has been granted.  Please retain print copies of documentation pertaining to copyright permission.


Maintenance of Web Pages

·         Pages should be checked often for dead links, appropriateness, up-to-date content, and relevancy

·         Staff members are responsible for publishing and maintaining their individual web pages