Marcy Hess and Aaron Layendecker

Knowing a language without the culture is like knowing the words of a song but not the music. -Bharati Mukherjee 

Our Crazy English language!    

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Marcy Hess 
816-986-1499 ext. 1430


Room 120

1st Hour     Exploring L & C
2nd Hour    Spanish I
3rd Hour    
Spanish I 
4th Hour    
Exploring L & C
5th Hour    
Exploring L & C
6th Hour    
Plan time
7th Hour    Spanish I 

Aaron Layendecker 

Room 119
1st Hour    Spanish I
2nd Hour   Spanish I
3rd Hour    Spanish I
4th Hour    Spanish I
5th Hour    Plan time  
6th Hour    LSN 
7th Hour    LSN 

          Spanish I  

    This is a year long course for 8th grade students. The prerequisite for this year is to have a B average in Language Arts in 7th grade. This is a High School class so it is weighted and the grade will transfer to the students high school GPA. 
     The goals for this class are for students to work toward fluency in the target language. We will have class notes, homework, quizzes, tests and projects in all areas including; reading, writing, speaking, listening and cultures. 
   Dictionary  20%
Homework 20% 
   Evaluation  60%
Click the Spanish I link for more information. 

 Click here to access grades for 8th grade.  

Exploring Languages and Cultures 

      This is a quarter course for 7th grade students. There is no prerequisite but students should be motivated to learn new languages and about new cultures. This is class is designed to explore Chinese, French, Spanish and German. These are the modern language classes offered in 8th grade and in high school. 
    The goals for this class to are explore basic language lessons in each language and various culture aspects for each country. 
   Homework   50%
   Evaluations  50%

Click the Exploring Languages and Cultures link for more information.  

Click here to access grades for 7th grade.

Nicaragua/Costa Rica Tour  2018
    Please contact me for an application. 
    Log on to and type in the
Tour ID# 
 Check out the itinerary and payment options. 
    I have lead several student educational tours to Washington DC, Mexico and Costa Rica. I love traveling with students and helping them discover a new culture and travel experiences. Safety is my number priority when leading a tour. 
    Click the Costa Rica Tour link for more information.