Welcome to the LSW Math Experience...

Hello and Welcome to LSW! 

My name is Vetta Manning and I have been teaching for 18 years.  I taught 5 years in the Park Hill school district at Park Hill South High School, and my last 13 years in the Lee's Summit school district, here at Lee's Summit West High School.

I graduated from William Chrisman High school in 1997 and graduated with a BA in Mathematics from Ottawa University in 2001. I earned my masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in mathematics at Concordia University Portland, Oregon in 2012.  

I am a single mom of one very mature rambunctious 17 year old make-up artist and volleyball player whom attends school in the Blue Springs school district and a 9 year old Yorkie name Baller! 

Family is really important to me, that is why I treat my classes and students like they are my family.  I am available to help your student before or after school and all of my students will be receiving my home phone number, so they can text or call with questions at night when they are working at home. 
Though my goal is for all of my students to pass, your student has to work for me, in order for me to assess what they do and don't know. My math students have to ask questions so that I can clarify instructions and lessons accordingly.  Your student must come in and get the help they need to clarify the standards and lessons. They have to be an advocate for themselves with you as a parent there to guide and direct them. WE can not want the grade or do the work for each student. They have to participate in their own learning journey.  
Connect to Learn! 
 We will be using the district learning management system Schoology. Wait... What is it called again?   (How do you say that!? ) The connect to learn initiative started 4 years ago in the Lsr7 district.  In the math department at LSWHS, we know how important it is for students to practice and to show mastery.      Learning management systems help us prepare our students for future learning environments as well as provide timely grade feedback.  This new system will allow you to help organize and manage your students assignments, assessments, and activities. 

New School Year... New mindset. 

Hello and Welcome to your Online learning Management system! Schoology will be where you complete your online Hw checks, quizzes, and tests.  

You need to make sure you work inside Schoology daily to make sure you do not get behind during the semester. Remember your not chasing a grade, your chasing and gaining knowledge! You will struggle, but that means your experiencing growth. Don't give up, think about the question and the information you need to solve the problem. Don't panic... Stay calm and do the math! I look forward to a fun year of facilitating growth and maturity for all of my students.  Please watch these short videos over the mindset I need you to have so that we can maximize your math potential. 

#1 Watch this short Video.....#ITHINKICANITHINKICAN 

 #2 Watch this short video... #YOUCANDOIT!                            

*Now that you know "You Got This... Your ready to take care of your very first Assignment! Read your directions carefully before you complete the task. At the end you will be able to mark all materials as viewed and be done. If you have any questions please ask! Lets have a Titan Strong School Year!  This is your first homework assignment and points for the semester. Start out on the right foot! 



Click on the appropriate tab, at the top of the page to find my contact information and your students appropriate class info. 
 I look forward to having a great year!  Please do not hesitate to contact me when you have questions and concerns that need to be addressed.  We can want the best for our children but we can not do the work for them!  It is time for your student to take  responsibility for their own education and get the help they need when they need it. It starts from day 1 in math...   Here's to a great year; where everyday is a great day to be a Titan and live Titan strong!

God Bless!

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