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Chromebooks:  In our classes the usage of Chromebooks will help with research and current events.  Chromebooks will remain in backpacks until we get to their usage.  They may not be used every day, but will be used when applicable to enhance and expand learning for each student.  It is vital that each student has their Chromebook each day.

Take Fives:  Lecture is important to the structure of higher learning and will be one instructional strategy we will use to engage students in learning.  To be sure students are actually given an opportunity to ask questions, we will periodically be stopping lecture and taking about five minutes to review the information presented (Take Five).  I will pose class questions for all students and then conduct a walk through to each student, so every class period each child will have an opportunity to have individualized instruction and corrective action will take place if there is confusion.  Take Fives will also be adjusted to be used during videos and on extended research lessons.

I also recommend using Schoology for announcements, assignments, and enrichment opportunities.
2017-2018 Schedule
1st Hour: Modern Global Issues
2nd Hour: World History
3rd Hour: Economics
4th Hour: Plan
5th Hour: Modern Global Issues (2nd Lunch Shift)
6th Hour: World History
7th Hour: World History