Schoology for Teachers

LSR-7 Schoology Tutorials

Explore this playlist to learn more about important aspects of teaching and learning with Schoology.

LSR-7 Schoology Restart Guide

Schoology Restart Guide

Explore this guide to learn how to set-up your Courses in Schoology for the new school year or term.

Topics covered in this guide include:

  • Accessing Prior Content
  • Link Course Sections
  • Gradebook Set-up & PowerSchool Sync
  • Course Pictures and Organization
  • Update Notifications
  • District Expectations
Troubleshoot: PTP Sync

PowerTeacher Pro Gradebook Sync

Use this guide to understand how to sync your grades from Schoology to the PowerTeacher Pro gradebook. Page 1 is a checklist covering everything you need to ensure a successful sync process. Page 2 covers common problems and solutions.