Google Cardboard

App Titans of Space

Guided tour of our planets and a few stars in virtual reality.


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VR Rollercoaster

Real life sensation of a roller-coaster.

The Wild Within

Interactive, 360* video that allows travelers to experience the pristine coastal wilderness of British Columbia, Canada in a truly immersive way using Google Cardboard.

Discovery VR

VR adventure that will let you explore our world with 360° dynamic videos. Excellent use of VR to teach about ecology, conservation, adventure and exploration

short slideshow of stereoscopic 3D Martian landscapes in virtual reality.

Cardio VR

Using Google Cardboard, enter a virtual reality doctor’s surgery where you search for your patient’s ailment using x-ray vision. And speaking of vision, navigate your way through the diagnosis using your eyes - just look at the eye icon for help.

Egyptian Mysteries

Investigation game in the mysteries of ancient Egypt.

Sit in a Jurassic Park-style Jeep and, if you dare, go offroad to meet the dinosaurs