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Overview of Google Docs

Google Docs Template Gallery (Public and LSR7)

Create a file with a specific purpose, for example a resume in Docs, a budget plan in Sheets, or a project proposal in Slides, you can quickly get started by using a template.

K- 12 Collection of HyperDocs (links embedded on Docs to guide learning)

Things Every Teacher Should Know How to do with Google Docs

The 10 most important things a teacher needs to know how to do in Docs.

5 Ways Students Can Use Google Docs in Math

Ideas for Math that use Google Docs

Learn how to create and share online and print documents using Google Docs. - See more at:

Insert Answer Boxes in Google Docs

When students fill out information on a worksheet typically there is a line for the students to place their answer. When students fill out information on a digital document the line does not make as much sense. Placing the cursor in the middle of the line pushes the line and the text is not underlined.