LSR-7 Acceptable Use Agreement

The Lee's Summit School District utilizes Google Apps for Education. Google Apps is a suite of web-based educational tools providing e-mail, word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, research, and collaboration tools for all students and teachers via the Internet. The Chromebook provides ease of access to Google Apps as well as many other web based tools and resources.

The LSR7 network environment will be used to support and enhance communications, learning, and teaching of district approved curriculum. Acceptable uses of the network are activities that promote the District’s goals and advance the mission of the District.

  • Personal Safety - Students will not share their password, give out personal identifying information about themselves or others, or communicate with unknown individuals.
  • Respect for Privacy - Students will not engage in activities harmful to other or their work.
  • Illegal Activities/Hacking - Students will not damage the local or district network in any way, attempt to log into another person’s account or access another person’s files, destroy computer data by willfully infecting with viruses or other disruptive/destructive programs or copy system files.
  • Personal Responsibility/Ethics - Students will not intentionally search for, view, send, or display any offensive messages or pictures; use the network to threaten other people; use the network to access material that is profane or obscene, that advocates illegal acts or that advocates violence or discrimination toward other people; steal, vandalize, or damage the computer or its peripherals in any way.
  • Copyright/Plagiarism - Students will not violate the copyright law or claim other people’s work as their own.
  • E-mail - Students will not participate in chat rooms, send electronic cards, or forward messages that are not educational in nature. Students will only use e-mail accounts provided by the District.

Students will notify a staff member immediately if, by accident, they encounter material(s) that violate the rules of appropriate use. Students will be allowed to use the District’s networked resources as long as district guidelines are followed. Parents assume responsibility for the supervision of Internet use outside of school. Parents are encouraged to discuss family rules and expectations for using Internet-based tools, including Google Apps for Education.