LSR7 Year 4 of Chromebooks 
Fall 2019 Note to LSR7 Teachers:
An updated version of the Chromebook Academy is available in Schoology in the Resources section of the Chromebook Cafe for your grade level.  You can simply add all of the Chromebook Academy Resources into your Schoology Course to use with your students. 

Since the fall of 2015, each LSR7 student has been issued a Chromebook to use for learning at school and at home. Therefore, it is important for all students to develop digital citizenship and keyboarding skills so they can more easily demonstrate evidence of their learning in a variety of ways.

Suggested Order of Activities:
  • Review Chromebook care
  • Learn or review correct keyboarding technique
  • Practice correct keyboarding technique (see tabs above)
  • Emphasize correct keyboarding technique all year
  • Become a Chromebook Challenge Champion by the end of first quarter
The digital literacy skills have been adapted from strand number six of the Student Technology Standards developed by the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE).