K-12 Chromebook Challenges

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All educators are welcome to make a copy of any presentation, edit and publish to fit the needs of their students without asking for permission. These files were last updated in 2017.

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The Chromebook Challenge was created in 2015 as a fun way to review and talk about basic tech skills with students. Completing the Challenge first quarter allows students to focus on their learning the rest of the year. By completing each Challenge, teacher observations and class conversations should guide student understanding of each skill and the amount of time needed to master. The Challenges are designed to move at a semi-rapid pace. However, the rate at which each class moves through the Challenge is completely up to the teacher.


Chromebook Challenge - Kindergarten

First & Second Grade

Chromebook Challenge - Second Grade - New

Third Grade

Chromebook Challenge - Third Grade New

Fourth Grade

Chromebook Challenge - Fourth Grade New

Fifth Grade

Chromebook Challenge - Fifth Grade New

Sixth Grade

Chromebook Challenge - Sixth Grade New

Middle School

Chromebook Challenge - Middle School

Advanced Users (Shortest version)

Chromebook Challenge - Advanded Users