IB Diploma Program VS IB Career-related Program
IB Diploma Program
* Six IB Courses 11th and 12th 

* Theory of Knowledge (TOK)

reflect critically on diverse ways of knowing and on areas of knowledge

* Extended Essay

 4000 word in-depth study from your course of study to promote
high level research and writing

* Creativity, Action, & Service (CAS)

150 hours of personal development in creativity, action, and service

IB Career-related Program
* 2 IB Courses in 11th and 12th

* Completion of Career Pathway

* MI Fall/BI Spring (2 years)

* DE Fall/CIM Spring (2 years)

* IT or Engineering (1 year)

* Education or Nursing (1 year)

* Allied Health (1 semester)

* Approaches to Learning (ATL)

develop career skills such as critical thinking, effective communication & ethical decision-making 

* Reflective Project

written and/or visual presentation an ethical dilemma in the student’s career field

* Career & Service Learning

50 + hours of community service in the student’s career field

* Language Development

50 hours of language extension related to the student’s career 
field or in a second language