The International Baccalaureate Program

The International Baccalaureate (IB) Program is a two-year curriculum and assessment program practiced and respected around the world. Founded in 1968, the IB works with 3,290 schools in 141 countries to develop and offer three challenging programs to over 969,000 students aged 3 to 19 years. In the US, 743 high schools are IB world schools. The IB encourages students to be active learners, well-rounded individuals and engaged world citizens. 

International Baccalaureate courses allow those students who value the challenges of academically rigorous studies an opportunity to add depth, scope, and global emphasis to their high school education. Those IB diploma and certificate students who have participated in this program often find the rigor and unique nature of their studies to be not only a broadening educational high school experience, but also to be exceptional preparation for their college or university studies.

Multiple studies from the University of California, SRI International and the US Census show that IB students, both IB Diploma Candidates and IB Diploma Course Students, have higher GPA’s in college and are more likely to graduate from college than students who did not take IB courses during high school.

IB Opportunities

At Lee’s Summit North High School, we offer three opportunities to participate in IB program: 1) the Diploma Program, 2) Career Certificate, and 3) individual IB Certificates.
  • The IB Diploma—Students who commit to pursuing the IB Diploma leave LSNHS more than prepared for college and beyond. At first, the requirements for the IB Diploma seem daunting, but there is some flexibility and a lot of support in place to help students succeed. Registration and testing fees for diploma candidates are paid by the school district. 
  • The IB Career-related Certificate—LSNHS recently gained authorization to offer this new IB program. Students who wish to pursue two-year career programs culminating at Summit Technology Academy AND take IB courses at LSNHS can earn the IBCC. The district pays testing fees for IBCC candidates.
  • IB Diploma Program Course Award—LSNHS students may take IB courses without pursuing the IB Diploma or the IBCC. Typically these courses involve a two-year commitment to a particular course and a registration/testing fee. Diploma courses are college-level courses, and for this reason, many universities offer college credit for them based on assessment results.
9th and 10th Grade Advanced Studies

The 9th and 10th Grade Advanced Studies at Lee’s Summit North prepare ninth and tenth grade students to develop those skills necessary to successfully participate in either IB or AP courses, or both, during their junior and senior years. A student may choose to enroll in only a single course of the program or may participate in all four. However, the fact that a student has taken these courses does not make his or her participation during the junior and senior years mandatory. Though there are occasional exemptions, Advanced Studies courses are, however, prerequisites in the junior-senior IB program. These 9th and 10th Grade Advanced Studies courses are weighted at .500 in the high school GPA.