A GUIDE TO THIS SITE: This information is typically updated frequently and is intended to keep families and students currently participating in the IB program informed about current events, deadlines, and documents related to the IB program. NOTE, HOWEVER, THAT SOME OF THE INFORMATION ON THIS SITE HAS NOT BEEN UPDATED FOR OVER A YEAR.  BECAUSE STUDENTS ARE USING GOOGLE CLASSROOM SO EASILY, A LOT OF INFORMATION IS DELIVERED THROUGH THAT PLATFORM.  UNTIL THE WEBSITE IS UPDATED (by October 15, 2017), PLEASE EMAIL THE IB COORDINATOR WITH YOUR SPECIFIC QUESTIONS:  vickie.metzler@lsr7.net. 
In addition, typically, diploma and IBCP candidates can get some general information and documents related to their core requirements. Most of this information is now being delivered through Google Classroom, but updates are currently underway so that the public can view this information as well.  Finally, alumni are encouraged to consult this website from time to time to learn about alumni events and any other helpful information to students. Please note the tabs above to help you navigate this website to meet your individual needs. 

Congratulations, Class of 2016!
The following students from the class of 2016 have earned the IB Diploma: Kate Bussen, Kim Chungong, Ben Dowdle, Josh Hill, Jordan Hoffman, AJ Iversen, Malorie Neal, Bridgett Neff, Madison Perry, and Gannon Rialti.   These students received one or more "sevens" in an IB course:  Kate Bussen (Math Studies), Jordan Hoffman (Environmental Systems and History), AJ Iversen (Math SL as a junior), and Sarah Weidenhofer (Business Management).  A seven is the highest IB score possible and is very difficult to earn. Also deserving recognition are these students who earned the IB Career-related Certificate: Yurari Barrero, Aubrey Burkholder, Jake Ham, Laura Merwin, and Tina Ngo.  Congratulations to all of these students for their outstanding achievements!

IB Testing for 2016 is complete!

About 150 students completed IB exams during the month of May.  All students who tested should have received information (on bright-colored paper) with the personal code information needed to access their scores after July 6. Students can access scores at candidates.ibo.org.  Most students provided college information to Mrs. Metzler last spring.  In that case, IB will automatically send transcripts to your requested college. Most colleges should have received and processed that information by late August. 
Congratulations, Class of 2015!
The following students from the class of 2015 have earned the IB Diploma: Sydne Anschutz, Natalie Boone, Sydney Butler, Hannah Coley, Danielle Foley, Lauren Gregory, Jackson Ham, Jaci Herron, Harlee Kelley, Jake Nippert, Marina O'Neill, Grace Tibbetts, and Emily Walker.  Also deserving recognition are the first students in LSHS history to earn the IB Career-related Certificate: Sydney Graham, Sara Kostelnick, Ashley Myers, and Suzie Wilson. 

IB photos

IB Testing Fees Information and Deadlines for 2016-2017

IB students and families should have received information about IB testing fees during the enrollment process last March, but updated information will be available during schedule pick-up, during Back-to-School Night, during student meetings in August and September, and in upcoming parent emails. In addition, you can click on the testing tab above and get all information that is being shared.  The deadline to pay testing fees or submit payment plan forms and requests for financial assistance is October 31, 2016. 

Congratulations to our 2014 IB Diploma recipients:  Alex Brooks, Georgia Gettys, Devon Hawkins, Andy Jarnevic, Lindsey Mayberry, and Shiloh Smith.  Additional congratulations to these students who earned one or more "sevens,"  the highest score awarded by IB:  Kyle Angle (Chemistry and Spanish), Andy Jarnevic (Math), Lindsey Mayberry (Psychology), and Libby Wilson (Spanish).