Course Information

  • The cost for the course is $69. The cost includes approximately 24 hours of classroom instruction, two ACT preparatory books, and two diagnostic tests that are scored and returned with feedback.
  • The cost of the course does not include the ACT test registration. Students will need to register for the test on their own. To obtain information about testing dates and fees, please visit the ACT website, http://act.org/.
  • If you have any additional questions about the course please contact Leslie Guyton at (816) 986.2021 in the LSHS Counseling Center.

Dates and Times

Session III
Test Date: April 14, 201, Registration Deadline (without late fee): March 9
Logistics for corresponding ACT prep session
Monday, February 191:00 - 5:00ACT Diagnostic test #1B107
Thursday, February 226:00 - 8:15Session 1B107
Tuesday, February 276:00 - 8:15Session 2B107
Wednesday, February 286:00 - 8:15Session 3B107
Thursday, March 16:00 - 8:15Session 4B107
Tuesday, March 66:00 - 8:15Session 5B107
Wednesday, March 76:00 - 8:15Session 6B107
Thursday, March 86:00 - 8:15Session 7B107
Tuesday, March 136:00 - 8:15Session 8B107
Wednesday, March 146:00 - 8:15Session 9B107
Thursday, March 156:00 - 8:15Session 10B107
Sunday, March 251:00 - 5:00Mock exam-full testing conditionsB107
Tuesday, March 276:00 - 8:15
Review 1
Wednesday, March 286:00 - 8:15Review 2B107