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District Voice-mail: (816) 986-1499  ext. 8009
Individual Plan--Mon., Tue., Thur., Fri. from 1:11-1:56 or Wed. 1:40 to 2:25 

Homework Policy:

Students should expect homework nearly every day. Daily assignments will be written on the board, announced verbally and posted via the unit's playlist in Schoology. Students will be expected to record the assignment into their plan book. All assignments should be completed in pencil. Some class time will be provided for students to work on assignments, but students will need additional time outside of the classroom to complete most homework. If your child is consistently spending a large amount of time on homework; please let me know.Students will be required to complete 7 topics a week in ALEKS. The other half of the hour on Wednesday will be used to work on students’ individual IEP goals.

Students will grade their own homework in class and are expected to make corrections in ink.  We all learn from our mistakes! I believe that homework is simply practice.  I don’t expect perfection. All problems must be attempted to earn full credit.

Homework is graded on a completion basis.  Full credit will be given as long as work is shown, answers are reasonable and corrections have been made in ink. Penalties may be given to papers that show no work, ones without corrections made, not completed in pencil, or papers without names.

The following scale shows how homework assignments will be marked. 

Check:  Assignment is complete and work has been shown, corrections are made on incorrect items with a colored pen. 

Plus:  Only 1 or 2 incomplete items and corrections are made on correct items with a colored pen.

Minus:     Corrections are not made on incorrect items (Catch Up Corner will be assigned)

Unfinished homework will result in a catch up corner. The assignment will be due the following day regardless of when they serve the catch up corner or another catch up corner will be assigned. Students who fail to turn in the assignment the next day will be assigned another catch up corner.

 Extra Help:

I am available for extra help during SOAR time each day. I encourage students to advocate for themselves and ask to see me for help if they do not understand something after going over it in class. Students should ask me at the end of class to sign a pass in his/her planner, so they can come to my SOAR.

Standards Based Grading System

Standards-based grading communicates how students are performing on a set of clearly defined learning targets called standards. The purpose of standards-based grading is to identify what a student knows, or is able to do, in relation to established learning targets.  This differs from simply averaging grades/scores over the course of a grading period, which can mask what a student has learned, or not learned, in a specific course.

Grades will be computed on the total accumulated scores of learning targets during  quizzes, and tests.

A score of 3 indicates the student has mastered the learning target (100%-80%).

A score of 2 indicates the student is close to meeting the learning target (79%-65%).

A score of 1 indicates the student is still in the developing stage of the learning target (64%-50%).

Citizenship Grade:

Citizenship marks will be given in 2 areas: behavior and being prepared for class. For an example, you will be given a citizenship mark each time your come to class without your notebook, calculator, pencil,  or homework etc.. You will also be put on the commitment process each time you speak out of turn, or for being disrespectful. The first time is a warning, the second step is a detention with me before school, the third offence is a parent contact and your citizenship grade will be changed from satisfactory to needs improvement. Any step reached beyond three will result in an office referral and possible change of citizenship grade moving to unsatisfactory.