Start a Hangout

To begin a new Hangout that you are initiating:

1. From your Google+ home page click the Hangouts button located on the right side of the screen.

2. The Hangouts sidebar will open on the right side of the screen. After you have participated in some Hangouts, a Hangout history will be displayed in this sidebar.
3. Click > New Hangout. Begin typing in the Google Apps address(es) ( for district staff) of the individuals you wish to invite to the Hangout. 

As you type each address, the participant's picture will appear (if they have already set up their Google+ profile). Click the check box next to their name to add them to the list of invitees.

After you have invited everyone to your Hangout, click either the speech bubble icon ( to have a text based Hangout) or click the video camera icon (to have a video call). 

Starting a Hangout Using the Google Hangout Extension

Another way to start a Hangout is to install the Hangout extension for Google Chrome. Click here to go to the Chrome Web Store and install the extension.

Once installed, you will see the extension appear in the upper right corner of Google Chrome.

The Hangout extension looks like a green speech bubble.

When you click on the extension, it will open Hangouts in a small window in the bottom-right corner of your screen. This will show you any previous hangouts you have participated in as well as your current Google+ contacts. A contact that has a green line underneath their profile picture denotes that that contact is currently online. You can use the Hangouts extension to access Hangouts without having to move from the web site you're currently on.

Using the 'Hangouts Call" app 

Another option to start a Google Hangout is to use the Hangouts Call app; which is available in the Chrome Webstore. 

When launching this app it will open a new window to immediately begin a new video Hangout. It will automatically prompt you to invite additional people to the Hangout.