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Getting to Know Your School Counselor

Our district guidance mission is to provide a developmental and sequential program that prepares students to make appropriate plans and life choices. This mission becomes a reality through a delivery of services addressing four main components:


Individual Planning

Responsive Services

System Support

In addition to going into classrooms and teaching counseling lessons and working individually with children, the counseling department also conducts small groups throughout the school year.

The counseling department offers the following small groups:

 Friendship Group - for children who want to share ideas for making healthy friendships and gain problems solving skills

Changing Families – for children who have been affected by the recent changes in their family, including separation, divorce, and remarriage

Success Group – for children who need skills in managing their feelings of anger, sadness, frustration, or stress

The purpose of the counseling groups is to provide a safe and confidential setting for your students to share concerns and learn new skills. If you have any questions about the groups just phone me or send an email.

For more information regarding the Counseling Department curriculum, please read the letter below!

To CCE parents from the CCE Counseling Department:

The counseling department provides support for students, teachers and parents in the school environment. We also help connect students and parents to outside resources as needed. Through individual and classroom instruction, children learn skills and techniques to promote healthy growth and development. Our goal is to give students the tools they need to co-create a school climate that is safe and respectful.

The counselors will focus on the following six curriculum areas: Strategies for Conflict Prevention, Decision Making and Problem Solving; Handling Gossip and Rumors; Making Friends; Bully Prevention; and Careers. All grade levels will cover the LSSD's Body Safety Curriculum to learn simple, straight forward strategies to protect themselves from abusive situations.

Your CCE counselor will offer small groups on such issues as divorce, grief, problem solving and anger control, and friendship skills. Groups will be ongoing throughout the year based on recommendations from teachers, parents and self-referral.

We will also be working one on one with students when needed.

If you want to review the District's counseling curriculum or need to contact the counselor, please call:

David Sears, MA, MS