Welcome to my class website for 2016-2017!  Please use this site as well as our Team 8 Blue site to help navigate this school year.  It's for students to use and parents to peruse.  

Teacher Information
Contact me via my Gmail at beth.groom@lsr7.net or voice mail at 816-986-1499 ext. 7467. 
    I am constantly seeking to better myself professionally and personally and hope that my students and co-workers can see that enthusiasm. I value each student and come to school each day ready to give it my best (after my morning tea, of course).  I take pride in my work and expect that my students will as well. I love spending all my spare time at (insert field/court name here) watching my daughters play soccer and volleyball, teaching my students how to keep definitely and defiantly straight, and arguing for sport. I hate comic sans font, doing things just because that's the way we've always done them, and unpleasant smells. I have the best job in the world and love that the state of Missouri gave me a license to teach in 1993!  I'm blessed to be here.
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