Oftentimes, when a student reads "speech and theatre" on their schedule, a knot forms in their stomach.  Act on a stage?  Speak in front of my peers?  "Not me".  Public speaking can be frightening for a lot of reasons, but it is still an essential skill to master--or at least manage--effectively in the workplace and society.  It's not just about speaking in front of a group, rather, it's about communicating effectively in whatever environment you find yourself.  The Summit Lakes Speech, Theatre, and Broadcasting Department offers three courses that focus on different areas of effective communication.  This year, I have the pleasure of teaching 7th Grade Exploring Speech and Theatre as well as 8th Grade Broadcasting and Video Technology. 

In 7th Grade Exploring Speech and Theatre, we will explore communication skills, public speaking, and even touch on theatre! Whether you are a student that wants to be in the spotlight, or someone who would prefer to remain behind the scenes, this class should be fun for you.  I start the quarter by reminding students that we are all in this together so to speak and whatever happens in Campbell's classroom stays in Campbell's classroom.  This creates a fun, safe environment for students worried about making a speech in front of their peers.  I focus on development of skills and strategies that can help those that are less than enthused about speaking up and out, and hope students leave with a spark of interest so that they may want to take one of our 8th grade courses.

In 8th Grade Broadcasting and Video Technology, we explore cutting edge techniques and styles in the field of journalism and film editing.  Through the use of Apple's Final Cut Software, Canon cameras, and Mac computers, students will have opportunities to create short films, news segments, interview, set up professional camera angles, and much more!  If time, we have created public service announcements, commercials, and even music videos!  Many former Falcons have made their way into the fields of news, television, and film.  Stop by to check out our wall of fame!

Why Theatre?

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